(29th December 2009)

For the past three weeks my Guardian Angels Michael and Vincent have been here with me around the clock. I see them in my mind,  however I also sense their presence. At any given time I know what they are doing and where they are in my home, which is usually either with me at my computer desk where I work or on the sofa. They both have portable communication devices that they use to work on. They observe me while I work and watch over me while I sleep. They also ride with me whenever I am in my car! Michael sits beside me in the front passenger seat and Vincent sits right behind me. When I go out to meet friends for dinner my guardian angel John often joins Michael and Vincent with me in the car. Michael and Vincent escort me everywhere even to the grocery store!

When Michael first arrived three weeks ago I asked him if he could give me another sign he was with me such as a scent like after shave. He said he would and four hours later I smelled after shave whenever Michael was standing or sitting next to me! I still do!

I have been seeing Vincent and Michael in my mind for quite some time now. I know what they are wearing, how they wear their hair and even some of their habits. Vincent has shoulder length hair and he tends to wear it tied back in a pony tail. He usually has a loose strand of hair that he fiddles with when he is nervous. Michael has waist length hair that he normally wears loose and parted in the middle. When he is frustrated about something he bites his lip. Vincent is the calmer of the two. Michael paces up and down a lot when he gets restless.

When my mother was admitted into hospital with heart problems a week ago Vincent told me she would be alright and to try not to worry (of course I did). My mother has since improved although she still is still in hospital.

I find myself picking up expressions and words my guardian angels use when communicating with me! Vincent uses the word "hideous" a lot and I find myself saying it all the time! My guardian angel Kam always says "you have got to be kidding me or you are kidding me"!  Now I say it!

Michael and Vincent are helping me with my angel channeling development. They are teaching me about angels, spirit groups and the Universe. The more I learn, the more familiar it all seems to me.