(Wednesday, 2nd December 2009)

When I first started my angel channeling I asked the person who told me I would if I would ever see my angels and she responded that I already had. That puzzled me because I had no recollection of seeing them. 
While I was working Wednesday I started seeing images in my mind of my guardian angel Michael playing with me when I was a child – a toddler. He was throwing a soft toy ball for me to catch.  I had forgotten about the ball but then I remembered that it had stripes in several different colors. I also saw Michael picking me up and holding me in his arms.  In both visuals I was wearing a light colored sweater and a pair of checkered dungarees. Then I started to see images of Michael holding my hands and dancing with me in a circle when I was three years older than I was in the first few images. 
After I saw these visuals in my mind I remembered that I have very few memories of my childhood before age seven.  Vincent and Michael told me that I saw several of my guardian angels when I was a child and they include Gabriel, Kam, Vincent and John!  Since seeing these first images I have started to recall actual footage of my guardian angels Kam and John holding my hands when I was a toddler!