(Saturday, 6 December 2009)

After I woke up Saturday I had a picture of child called Mékkrà sent to me by Ézzrà telepathically.  The child belonged to a group of angels known as Emerald Children.  Then another image of a child with jet black hair and sparkling green eyes was shown to me.  My guardian angel Vincent told me that this child whose name was Luézzrà was in fact me in a past life and that Ézzrà adopted me when I was four years old in that life.  I was an Emerald Child! 
Before I got up I saw a rather large and very clear picture of a male angel named Jézzrà who is an Emerald Angel.  Jézzrà has just been assigned as one of my guardian angels and has been guiding me about my Emerald Angels for the past five days. 
When I got up and opened my laptop the CD/DVD player drive opened without me touching anything, which was validation of the pictures I had been shown and the information given to me about them.  It happened again later on during the day.  Both were signs from Emerald Angel Ézzrà as promised. Ézzrà said he would continue to send me signs to validate the information I have been given about all aspects of my life and he has.