It is a little known fact that there is life outside the Universe and quite a lot of it and this is where the Emerald angels reside along with several other groups of angels.

The Emerald angels do not resemble any other angels they are a species unto themselves. Let me explain what I mean by that. The resemblance is not about appearance as they are humans but about their life style. To begin with they live in a star system in a sanctuary four hundred times larger than our planet. They are the tallest angels in existence with an average height of 17 feet! They lead a simple life, but a rewarding one. The Emerald angels produce a very powerful energy that is legendary across the Universe. This is a healing energy that is transported telepathically wherever it is need. The energy is vibrant emerald green in color and is the most powerful healing energy known to Humankind.

The Emerald angels live in a place that is considered one of the most beautiful places outside the Universe. It is a place filled with wonder and enchantment. It is a place of serenity. I will be writing about the Emerald angels in a future chapter of this website.