The term 'archangel' is commonly used to identify angels believed to be of a high rank who are assigned to oversee all other angels however this is not the case. Angels have several different classifications that are being changed so that they may be identified by the group of angels they belong to. Angels are ranked according to seniority, their field of expertise and their fortitude.

We are often lead to believe that angels are non-humans who have no other function than to guide and to protect us, but the reality is that over 85% of angels are humans from all over the Universe all of whom have their own private lives.

The life of an angel is an extremely stressful one. They are extraordinary multitaskers who often have to manage several roles concurrently in order to accomplish their assignments within a specific time frame. Some of these assignments keep them away from home and their family for several years at a time.

All of our angels have their own sense of dress style from long flowing robes to our modern day jeans. This often comes as a shock to many people who see them because of the way angels are usually depicted on the Internet and in literature. Many of our favorite male angels have very long hair and prefer to wear informal attire such as jeans and a t-shirt. Some of our female angels have a unique sense of style inspired by many different civilizations from all over the Universe and this includes exquisitely designed jewelry, intricate hair ornaments and some rather eccentric costumes!