I would like to introduce a new group of angels known as ‘Angels of Light’. These angels are not from the Universe originally, their origins are sacred.  There are several of them amongst us now. These beautiful beings are gentle and have extraordinary powers unparalleled both in and outside the Universe. 

The Angels of Light comprise pure energy of every color known to Humankind. They elevate their vibrational frequency to a level so intense that it generates an amazing light that can be seen across the Universe and they are the only angels who are able to generate this much energy.  These formidable angels have contributed so much to this planet and others in the Universe.   I will be writing about their contributions soon.

The Angels of Light were brought to the Universe for a very special purpose to oversee its development.
They have contributed towards humanity in more ways than we know.  They are angels of peace and that is what they want for our planet and is why they are here.