It is a common belief that angels simply exist for our benefit, however this is far from being true!  In reality there are more than 7,000 different types of angels in the Universe all of whom come to our aid at some time or another.  There was a time when angels were believed to be of ancient theology, but this far from explains the incredible work undertaken by these remarkable beings.  It is time for the truth to be told about who angels really are, where they come from and why they are with us.

The first group of angels to arrive in the Universe were the Árian Angels.  These magnificent beings are the highest ranking angels in the Universe today.  The next group of angels to arrive were the Qárian Angels who are related to the Árian Angels by origin and who are the second highest ranking angels in the Universe.  The third group to arrive in the Universe were the Fárian Angels.  The Fárians have a long history with the Árian Angels that pre-dates the Universe.  Another interesting group of angels are the Plêa̋rààns who are known as Angel Spirits.  The Plêa̋rààns followed the Fárian Angels and are the fourth highest ranking group in the Universe.

The interesting thing about angels is that they all have a physical form and, for the most part, are human.  One day in the not too distant future a discovery will be made about our own origins that will invalidate a lot of information published about the subject.  Our angels want us to understand how we were all brought here and why.  The reason we have angels in the Universe is to ensure its safety and to ensure safe passage for all who travel it.

The term ‘guardian angel’ was originally used for a band of angels called Guardians.  These angels traveled the Universe with the intention of overseeing its inhabitants, but it soon became apparent that this was too big an undertaking for them.  Subsequently a new form of protection was founded and the group of angels once known as Guardians were disbanded.  In their place came a group we now call Guardian Angels who were dispatched all over the Universe to oversee specific groups of humans and other beings.  These days Guardian Angels are assigned to multiple groups of people for the specific purpose of overseeing their safety.