Árians are the highest ranking angels and the most advanced form of humans from the Sanctuary of Ária, commonly referred to as the 'Angel Realm'.  Árians are a protected species who are not from our Universe originally. Their origins are sacred.

Árians are officials of the Árian Counsel, which is the governing agency of the Universe. Not only do the Árians govern the Universe, but all other realms outside it.  The reason for mentioning the Árian Counsel is significant because of its role in the protection of the Universe.  This is a counsel like no other.  It comprises seventy different angel and spirit groups who each have a specific function to perform. 

In the Árian philosophy an orderly run government is the only way to oversee the inhabitants of a planet, star or any other place of abode.  The Árians are aware of the sometimes impossible task that is given to their people when a leadership role is demanded.  The Árians appoint the leaders for every angel and spirit group in the Universe. The other Árian responsibilities include overseeing the safety of the Universe's inhabitants.

The Árians have the most difficult role to play of all the angel and spirit groups.  It is a little known fact that Árian angels have incarnated on our planet since the 19th century.  Not only have these angels lived many lives here, they have often endured hideous conditions. The reason for mentioning this is because it is often thought that all angels do is protect this planet, but this could not be further from the truth.  Any angel's life is one of self-sacrifice, humility and commitment.  Furthermore, an angel must be regarded as an individual like any other person living on this or any other place of abode, instead of the ridicule they are always subjected to.  Angels across the Universe are in place to serve and protect all of its inhabitants in a way that is frustrating to all who believe in them, and that is quietly, effectively and without being seen.

The Árian angels are a beautiful people who love life and who are responsible for ensuring its perpetuity.  These angels comprise many different types of humans, many of whom are represented on this website.  If the reader will take the time to read about the angels featured they will have a better understanding of what a magnificent group of people angels are.