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The powers of crystals are often utilized by the means of wearing them as jewelry, and/or some form of adornment. The ancient civilizations all wore crystals as jewelry, one way or the other. Some of this ancient legacy can be seen in the English language for example. Analogies like ruby lips, or turquoise seas hint at constant interaction between man and crystals for a long period of time. The Ancient Mayans, Indians and Egyptians all pictured themselves with numerous gemstones adorning themselves. Even the Bible is “star studded”, with many references to turquoise, emerald, and sapphire. The breastplate of the High Priest in the Old Testament alone, had twelve large kinds of crystals adorning it.

 Why Quartz Crystal Jewelry? 

Quartz crystal jewelry helps to balance the etheric bodies, stimulate the chakras, and provides a form of protection against negativity. Due to its good electrical conductivity, quartz is preferred over other forms of crystals, but in certain cases, it may prove too strong for the wearer. Quartz is still as beautiful as any other gemstone.

  Program Your Crystals to help You Manifest Your Dreams! 

One of the good things about quartz, is that it can be programmed. Quartz crystals have the ability to have their molecules “charged,” by concerted thought input. So, if you program good wholesome thoughts into the crystal, and then wear it as jewelry, it is believed that the crystal emanate the good vibes back on the wearer – all day long.

  Use the vibrational energy from Crystal Jewelry to enhance your being. 

On this site you can find a special selection of exclusive, high quality, handmade natural gemstone and crystal jewelry. This extensive collection includes one of a kind sterling silver gemstone and crystal jewelry in bracelets, rings, necklace sets, pendants and earrings. Each piece is unique designer gemstone jewelry and can't be exactly duplicated. You will be amazed at the quality of the presented sterling silver semi precious gemstone and crystal jewelry. 

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Crystal & Gemstone Silver Jewelry - Necklaces - Designer Silver Jewelry

Crystal & Gemstone Silver Jewelry - Pendants - Designer Silver Jewelry

Crystal & Gemstone Silver Jewelry - Bracelets - Designer Silver Jewelry

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Crystal & Gemstone Silver Jewelry - Rings - Designer Silver Jewelry

Crystal & Gemstone Silver Jewelry - Earrings - Designer Silver Jewelry


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