This is a DIY week (Do it Yourself), where the power of your own thoughts determines what kind of week you will have. Positive thoughts are -- even more than normal -- the key to enjoying an amazing week! This week, there's an energy opening where your thoughts are rapidly manifesting into form, so be sure to only affirm what you desire (instead of what you fear). Any time you begin a sentence with the words: "I AM," be sure to complete the sentence with loving and kind words about yourself. Please also select positive words and thoughts regarding world situations, to help uplift situations with prayer. This can be a GREAT week filled with happiness and amazing opportunities, provided you focus upon the positive possibilities. When gifts and opportunities are offered to you, be sure to accept them, and know that you're ready and deserving of these gifts. Stay positive and high vibrating by: Avoiding energy toxins such as gossip, negative media, and anything or anyone that could pull you down. You've got a big life purpose to fulfill, and we need you to stay on track to fulfill it.