The energy is intense, and the week starts out with you hitting the ground running. But don't allow the intensity to pull you down, as you have the power to be in the peaceful center -- and also to ride the waves of energies like a pro surfer who enjoys the journey. The reading shows that this energy can move your manifestations fast-forward into beautiful reality. You can harness this energy to bring about amazing results! With the Equinox, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse all occurring this week (in addition to Mercury Retrograde), we will need to use all of our spiritual tools: prayer, meditation, self-care, connecting with nature, getting loving support, journaling, music, etc. Those who are unaware of energies may act-out in angry ways, as they try to fight against the energy. Your role is to calmly act as a lighthouse beacon, calling others to the place of inner peace. Do not let yourself get sucked into needless drama.