The week begins with the powerful Angel Number date of 111 (January 11), which is a strong reminder to stay positive because your thoughts are rapidly manifesting into form. It's a week of Self-Care to recover your personal power and strength. The angels say that you are recovering from the holidays. The angels say that it's time for a deep cleanse and some inner child rewards and nurturing. The angels want us to detoxify from anything toxic -- negative thoughts, self-doubts, toxic relationships, fear-based media, as well as anything toxic in your diet. You are literally guided to "go outside and play" this week. The healing power of nature will empower you and revive your enthusiasm. Your inner child needs some attention, play time, and fun. As you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of others . . . and your energy levels increase, which helps your priorities, life purpose, and manifestations.