If you've been feeling down or "off," you're not alone! There are a lot of intense energies swirling around you, including the full moon, Mercury Retrograde, and egos battling for control. Fortunately, you have powerful allies to help you! You can lift your spirits this week by nurturing your Inner Child, who has been feeling neglected lately. Play and have fun, as a way of increasing your personal power and manifestation ability. And speaking of manifestation, be sure to allow yourself to RECEIVE this week (and always). The reading says that you've lately been unbalanced, and doing more giving than receiving. Well, you are in charge of this and you can turn this around and be more open to the flow of abundance which is trying to come your way. You're also guided to take positive action. Now's the time to make those healthful changes that you've been getting the feeling to make. The week can be happy and filled with joy, if you're willing to take good care of yourself.