You are asked to EMPOWER yourself this week, by being your authentic self and trusting your feelings and inner guidance. As you speak from your heart, your power and light shines brightly, which opens up huge windows of opportunities for you! You're also asked to eating healthfully this week, and if you've been guided to add more organic fruits and vegetables to your diet, do it! This is part of trusting your inner guidance. Remember to call upon the Health Angel, Archangel Raphael, for help with your health. This week, you need a lot of energy, and you can get naturally energized by eating healthfully and being yourself. It's draining to deny your feelings, or to pretend in order to fit in. Your manifestation of your answered prayer is on its way; however, other people's free will choices appear to be slowing things down . . . but not blocking them. Release impatience to Heaven, and know that everything good IS coming your way in Divine timing. Release negative relationships which might be distracting you from your life's path.