Sound is finally receiving the widespread attention it deserves. One of the most exciting new areas of research in healing and the transformation of consciousness involves the use of sound. Like much of the "New Age" exploration, this is in large part a rediscovery of ancient technique and practices combined with modern research in psycho-acoustics and physiology.

There are so many different ways that sound can be used, from simply creating states of deep relaxation and meditation, to actually resonating and releasing area of imbalance in the physical body and etheric fields. Sound helps you to access the deepest places and simply clear the energies that are no longer needed. Healing sound vibrations support the aspects within you that are ready to be raised in frequency, allowing you to expand your vibration and improve your manifestation abilities in the world.

Perhaps the most important use of sound is something called "vocal harmonics" and "overtoning." The former is the ability to create two or more notes at the same time. This is an ancient technique utilized in various spiritual and shamanic traditions, including Mongolian shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism.

These vocal harmonics can resonate the physical body and the etheric fields; they can also vibrate different portions of the brain, which is quite extraordinary. Esoterically, vocal harmonics may be used to attune with different spirits and deities.

Overtoning is another, more advanced, aspect of this in which we can learn to project these harmonics to another person on whom we are working. Just as you can project healing energy through touch, as in reiki, you can do the same with your voice. This is what overtoning is all about - learning to project sacred sounds for healing another.

The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the future medicine would be sound. This is occurring now. Over a decade ago, there were very few people involved in this field. Now, people from all walks of life and many different professions are beginning to appreciate the power of sound and music to heal and transform. Sound and music are being used in traditional fields to enhance learning, treat stress and pain, and to bring healing. The use of ultra-sonics in hospitals to destroy kidney stones, for example, works with the principle of resonance, which is the basis of sound healing.

We are entering times of extraordinary vibratory changes and it is important to be able to work with our own vibratory fields to be in harmony and balance with these changes. The simplest and most effective way to do this is with our own sounds.