This entry is an introduction about quartz crystal jewelry. It’s not quite related to the general wearing and usage of jewelry per se, but more to do with using or fashioning natural quartz crystals into pendants, bracelets, headbands, or even amulets. The purpose of using quartz as outlined here, is mainly for its metaphysical properties, more than for adornment purposes. Yet, quartz is still as beautiful as any other gemstone.

Brief history

The powers of crystals are often utilized by the means of wearing them as jewelry, and/or some form of adornment. The ancient civilizations all wore crystals as jewelry, one way or the other. Some of this ancient legacy can be seen in the English language for example. Analogies like ruby lips, or turquoise seas hint at constant interaction between man and crystals for a long period of time.

The Ancient Mayans, Indians and Egyptians all pictured themselves with numerous gemstones adorning themselves. Even the Bible is “star studded”, with many references to turquoise, emerald, and sapphire. The breastplate of the High Priest in the Old Testament alone, had twelve large kinds of crystals adorning it.

Why quartz?

Quartz crystal jewelry helps to balance the etheric bodies, stimulate the chakras, and provides a form of protection against negativity. Due to its good electrical conductivity, quartz is preferred over other forms of crystals, but in certain cases, it may prove too strong for the wearer.

One of the good things about quartz, is that it can be programmed. Quartz crystals have the ability to have their molecules “charged,” by concerted thought input. So, if you program good wholesome thoughts into the crystal, and then wear it as jewelry, it is believed that the crystal emanate the good vibes back on the wearer - all day long.

How quartz should be worn as jewelry

When quartz is worn as jewelry close to, or touching the skin, the crystal receives a continuous charge from the heat generated by the body. This in turn constantly excites the molecules which, it is believed, will then release their embedded thought programs. So, wearing quartz is a more enhanced way of getting the crystal to emanate positive vibes on a 24/7 basis.

The good vibes from the crystal in turn, help us in subtle ways, to release negative thoughts and feelings from our beings, while increasing our physical vitality and overall well being. As a rule of thumb, try to wear the quartz crystal close to your skin, but occasionally let it be exposed to good vibes. For example, when you’re out traveling in beautiful, serene locations, and you want to absorb the moment, this is as good as any time to let your crystal loose!

The importance of maintaining your quartz crystal jewelry

Quartz that is worn as jewelry, will definitely absorb quite a fair amount of negativity, and therefore, you should always cleanse it on a weekly, or at least, a fortnightly basis. This should be followed by charging the crystal on a cluster, or placing it in bright sunlight. This should be sufficient to remove dirt, skin oil, and negativity in most cases.