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Gemstones are semi-precious and precious stones. All can be called gems. All are minerals that have hardness, density, refraction and color. Each stone contains energy that is unique to the type of stone. Quartz crystals are used in  expanding  the mind to touch the  spirit  world.  Crystals are used to enhance the  beneficial  life force.  Crystal water (water that a quartz crystal(s) has been placed) has been drunk for its healthy benefits for centuries. Getting to know the properties and benefits of thousands of stones can take a lifetime, but is a rewarding and fun adventure. I invite you to study crystals  and  gemstones, their origins, folklore, meaning and current day uses on this page, dedicated to crystals and gemstones. Explore the meaning of gemstones and crystals and get creative with  them  for  your specific  purposes.

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Black Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Sunday, August 15, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Black Colour

Black is not a colour, but rather the lack of colour. In nature, black is the colour of night when the moon is not in the sky to illuminate the landscape. Dark night is a time of unease in which the familiar world is obscured. Humans naturally fear the unknown and the unseen. Black is naturally associated with such fears. Because we do not know or understand death, black is often associated with death and ending. However, black is actually a very positive color. Dark blacks are ...

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White Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Sunday, August 15, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 White Colour

White is not a colour, but the manifestation of the presence of all colour - the complete energy of light. It stands for wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents openness and truth. White has a cold quality. It can provide clarity as its energy is complete. White is the colour of the feminine gender, manifested as the Goddess in many cultures, and, as such, the colour of the world of birth, and regeneration. It is a cool colour of the night, the sleeping world, a...

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Orange Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Orange Colour  

The energy of red and the joy of yellow, orange is a colour of summer-time, sunshine, happiness and enthusiasm.  It increases oxygen to the brain and invigorates us. It can stimulate our appetites especially for healthy foods.

Orange Crystals

Carnelian is good for creativity, individuality, motivation, memory and courage, which is why it is especially useful for actors. It can also assist one in finding the right mate. It has excellent protective properties espe...

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Purple Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Purple Colour  

Purple is the colour of wealth, power and nobility. It combines the stability of blue with the energy of red. It symbolizes opulence, wisdom, dignity and independence as well as creativity mystery and magic. Purple is rarely found in nature which makes purple gems very extraordinary.

Purple Crystals

Amethyst, called the sobriety stone is used to heal compulsive behaviors, alcoholism, and other addictions. It promotes sobriety and  helps with the withdrawal sympto...

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Indigo Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Indigo Colour 

Indigo is a very dark blue and is like blue only intensified and with an internal focus. It is the  colour of inner awareness, profound insights and understanding. It is an excellent colour for inspiring ingenious ideas and therefore suited for inventors and others who need to be creative.
Indigo Crystals

Indigo Agate
Agate is an energy, harmony, and soothing stone. It helps strengthen the body's connection to the earth and ground emotions. It can give courage, energy, stren...

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Blue Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Blue Colour 

Blue is the colour of depth, loyality, wisdom and confidence. It is a good choice for those suffering from emotional insecurity.  It is an elixir against anxiety and disquiet.  Blue slows respiration & metabolism and produces a calming effect.

Blue Crystals

Blue Calcite
Blue Calcite is for calming and soothing frayed nerves, amplifying energy, and good for making decisions.  Blue calcite is good for students because it helps retain lessons and amplifies learning. While it is ...

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Green Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Green Colour  

Green is the colour of growth, newness, fertility and security. It has strong powers of healing. It can calm the restlessness. It is also a good colour for tired eyes. It is an excellent shield against anxiety, hopelessness or insecurity.

Green Crystals

An excellent stone for business people especially those starting a new business. Aventurine is good for imagination, creativity, intellect and mental clarity. It helps one spot opportunities, gives a positive out...

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Yellow Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Yellow Colour

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

Yellow Crystals

Citrine is a success stone which helps entrepreneurs and abundance, especially in business and commerce. The "Merchant Stone" attracts and maintains wealth. It enhances mental clarity, confidence, happiness and will power. Citrine usually brings good fortune and is also a good general protection stone. In a healing lore, it is said to aid the digestion and ge...

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Red Crystals & Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

 Red Colour 
Red stimulates us. It speeds up the metabolism & increases the respiration rate. It increases our energy levels & fuels our passion and is therefore associated with love romance and power.

Red Crystals

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is used for unconditional love, fidelity, forgiveness and happiness. Effective in drawing love and relationships to you. Restores trust and harmony. Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system. Releases impurities from the bo...

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Qualities, Colours and Gemstones of Archangels

Posted by SimNZ on Friday, March 26, 2010, In : Angel Crystals - Qualities & Colours 

Ariel, otherwise known as the Lion of God, counsels your fears and helps build the qualities of bravery, courage and focus with elegance. He will help boost your confidence and being involved with divine magick and miracles, help with manifestations, for he is the Master Manifestor. He aids teachers, healers and service workers, protects the environment and heals animals. He is indeed, the Patron Angel of Animals.

The Colour Associated ...

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Posted by SimNZ on Thursday, March 25, 2010, In : Crystals Meaning, Use & Colours 

Certain gemstones have more vibration power at certain times of the year. The month of a stone's power time determines your birthstone (also referred to as natal stone).

Some believe that the original associations between gemstones and the months of the year evolved from 12 stones mentioned in the Bible, others say it represents the Twelve Apostles. Still others hold different beliefs. There are numerous traditions over the centuries that connect a particular gemstone wit...

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Meaning and Use of Crystals and Gemstones

Posted by SimNZ on Monday, March 22, 2010, In : Crystals & Gemstones 

There are a variety of different shapes and types of gemstones and crystals you can choose from. The most popular gemstones and crystals are: points, clusters, chips, eggs, wands, marbles, balls, spheres, cubes, pendulums, geodes, gemstone carvings and slices, loose gem stones or tumbled polished gemstones and crystal jewelry and symbols.

Crystal Points

Quartz crystal points are used for healing, meditation and expanding the mind to touch the spirit ...

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 Meaning & Symbolism  

Love & Passion

Sunstone (sexuality), Moonstone (passion), Jade (good fortune), Hematite (relationships), Red Goldstone (vitality), Rose Quartz (romance), Rhodonite (reconciliation)


Agate (grounding), Jasper (stabilizes), Bloodstone (justice and protection against evil eye), Serpentine (blessings), Tiger Eye (also lucky), Rainbow Obsidian (blocks negativity)

Money, Success, Good Luck

Moss Agate (new beginnings), Aventurine (opportunity), Black Tourmaline (super lucky), Gold Sheen Obsidian (talent), Malachite (money)

Spiritual, Happiness, Vision

Amazonite (hope), Amethyst (psychic), Honey Calcite (alertness), Fluorite (learning), Quartz Crystal & Smokey Quartz (telepathy), Sodalite (inner peace) Unakite (visualization)


Ametrine (money plus), Yellow Calcite (mental stone), Labradorite (intuition), Rhyolite (assists in fulfilling goals & dreams)

Angelic Connection & Dreams

Angelite, Blue Celestite, Selenite (angelic connection), Amethyst, Blue Calcite (dreams)

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