When you chose a crystal - it will seem to 'call' to you as if it has been waiting for you. This is because you and that crystal are on the same frequency. The crystal will 'catch your eye' and you will feel an immediate connection, even if it is not the crystal you came for.

When you hold the crystal in your hand, you will feel a connection of frequency. Some people find crystals. Some people 'feel' that crystals find them. Once you have your crystal - the next step is to clean and clear the energies from it. You clear it to clean frequencies in it that are not in balance with you.

Quartz crystals and gemstones easily attract all kinds of 'vibrations'; negative as well as positive.

The stones are always 'open' to receiving impressions from everyone and everything around them!

Your stone, which you have just selected, may well have travelled many thousands of miles before coming to you - and may well have acquired many negative energies and ' vibrations' before it became yours. Therefore before starting to use your stone for any purpose whatsoever it is very important that you first remove any of these unwanted 'vibrations' and disharmonious energies.

You must do everything you possibly can to ensure that only the most natural - and purest - energies remain within your stone.